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  • Advance wars : days of ruin :.

    he objective in Days of Ruin is for the player to defeat the enemy army with their own army. Except... Available for Nintendo DS: Advance wars : days of ruin /

    INCONNU / Advance wars : days of ruin manual Rating: Rating 3
  • Advance wars : dual strike :.

    The player's objective in Dual Strike is to defeat the enemy army with their own army. Except in... Available for Nintendo DS: Advance wars : dual strike /

    INCONNU / Advance wars : dual strike manual Rating: Rating 3
  • Animal crossing : wild world :.

    The objective of Animal Crossing: Wild World is to pay off a debt to Tom Nook, who allows the... Available for Nintendo DS: Animal crossing : wild world /

    INCONNU / Animal crossing : wild world manual Rating: Rating 3
  • Battlefield 2: Modern Combat :.

    It seems a little strange that Battlefield 2: Modern Combat should have the "2" in the title, given... Available for Xbox 360: Battlefield 2: Modern Combat /

    INCONNU / Battlefield 2: Modern Combat manual Rating: Rating 3
  • Big brain academy :.

    In Big Brain Academy, tests are done in order to measure a brain's weight. The heavier the brain,... Available for Nintendo DS: Big brain academy /

    INCONNU / Big brain academy manual Rating: Rating 3
  • Big Brain Academy Wii Degree :.

    Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree, known as Big Brain Academy for Wii in the PAL region, is a video... Available for Nintendo Wii: Big Brain Academy Wii Degree /

    INCONNU / Big Brain Academy Wii Degree manual Rating: Rating 3
  • Bionicle Heroes :.

    In a perfect world, everyone everywhere will pay due homage to the supremacy of maniacal,... Available for Playstation 2: Bionicle Heroes /

    INCONNU / Bionicle Heroes manual Rating: Rating 3
  • Call of Duty - World at war :.

    Call of Duty: World at War throws out the rulebook of war to transform WWII combat through a new... Available for Xbox 360: Call of Duty - World at war /

    INCONNU / Call of Duty - World at war manual Rating: Rating 3
  • Call of duty 2 :.

    When a game is announced for both the PC and consoles, the question always arises about what's... Available for Xbox 360: Call of duty 2 /

    INCONNU / Call of duty 2 manual Rating: Rating 3
  • Call of duty 3 :.

    World War II may have ended in 1945, but that hasn't stopped the axis and allies from waging war... Available for Xbox 360: Call of duty 3 /

    INCONNU / Call of duty 3 manual Rating: Rating 3
  • Call of duty 4 :.

    It took awhile, but Infinity Ward finally got the message that World War II is played out. With... Available for PC: Call of duty 4 /

    INCONNU / Call of duty 4 manual Rating: Rating 4
  • Club house games :.

    Board games, card decks, and sets of dice take up a ton of physical space and are a real pain in... Available for Nintendo DS: Club house games /

    INCONNU / Club house games manual Rating: Rating 3
  • Colin McRae Dirt :.

    Fans of Codemasters' Colin McRae rally racing series are in for a surprise with the publisher's... Available for Xbox 360: Colin McRae Dirt /

    INCONNU / Colin McRae Dirt manual Rating: Rating 3
  • Condemned : Criminal Origins :.

    You are FBI agent Ethan Thomas, whose pursuit of relentless serial killers leads him through... Available for Xbox 360: Condemned : Criminal Origins /

    INCONNU / Condemned : Criminal Origins manual Rating: Rating 3
  • Crackdown :.

    Sometime after the release of Grand Theft Auto III, the popular term used in the game industry to... Available for Xbox 360: Crackdown /

    INCONNU / Crackdown manual Rating: Rating 3
  • Crysis Special Edition :.

    As with 2004's Far Cry, Crysis takes place on a picturesque island paradise lush with vegetation... Available for PC: Crysis Special Edition /

    INCONNU / Crysis Special Edition manual Rating: Rating 4
  • Dead Space :.

    The survival horror genre is rife with games in which you are isolated in a hostile environment... Available for Xbox 360: Dead Space /

    INCONNU / Dead Space manual Rating: Rating 4
  • Devil may cry 4 :.

    It isn't surprising that a game featuring the charmingly insane Dante would be so over the top,... Available for Xbox 360: Devil may cry 4 /

    INCONNU / Devil may cry 4 manual Rating: Rating 4
  • Diddy kong racing :.

    Timber the Tiger's parents go on vacation and leave their son in charge of the island they live on,... Available for Nintendo DS: Diddy kong racing /

    INCONNU / Diddy kong racing manual Rating: Rating 3
  • DK Jungle climber :.

    Like DK: King of Swing, DK: Jungle Climber features Donkey Kong as the main character. To navigate... Available for Nintendo DS: DK Jungle climber /

    INCONNU / DK Jungle climber manual Rating: Rating 3
  • Electroplankton :.

    Electroplankton is an interactive music video game developed by the Japanese interactive media... Available for Nintendo DS: Electroplankton /

    INCONNU / Electroplankton manual Rating: Rating 3
  • Enchanted Arms :.

    Enchanted Arms is the first Japanese role-playing game for the Xbox 360, and while it isn't overly... Available for Xbox 360: Enchanted Arms /

    INCONNU / Enchanted Arms manual Rating: Rating 3
  • Endless Ocean :.

    Endless Ocean places the player in the role of a scuba diver exploring the Manaurai sea in search... Available for Nintendo Wii: Endless Ocean /

    INCONNU / Endless Ocean manual Rating: Rating 3
  • Excite Truck :.

    Excite Truck is a spiritual successor of sorts to the classic NES motorcycle racing game,... Available for Nintendo Wii: Excite Truck /

    INCONNU / Excite Truck manual Rating: Rating 3
  • FIFA Soccer 09 :.

    It's been a busy 12 months for EA Sports and football games. FIFA 08 was a genuine revolution for... Available for Xbox 360: FIFA Soccer 09 /

    INCONNU / FIFA Soccer 09 manual Rating: Rating 3
  • Flash pocus :.

    The interface of Flash Focus was compared much to Brain Age in the sense that it retains the same... Available for Nintendo DS: Flash pocus /

    INCONNU / Flash pocus manual Rating: Rating 3
  • Ghost Recon - Advanced Warfighter :.

    In Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter you can play as a Ghost, the best trained and... Available for Xbox 360: Ghost Recon - Advanced Warfighter /

    INCONNU / Ghost Recon - Advanced Warfighter manual Rating: Rating 3
  • Hour of victory :.

    With a generic name that sounds like it was pulled out of a hat full of "World War II" words, it's... Available for Xbox 360: Hour of victory /

    INCONNU / Hour of victory manual Rating: Rating 3
  • Juice 2 :.

    Juiced 2: HIN evolves the current street racing scene, letting players experience the culture of... Available for Xbox 360: Juice 2 /

    INCONNU / Juice 2 manual Rating: Rating 3
  • Just cause :.

    Suspension of disbelief is such a fundamental part of the video game experience that we often take... Available for Xbox 360: Just cause /

    INCONNU / Just cause manual Rating: Rating 3
  • Link's Crossbow Training :.

    Link's Crossbow Training is a video game by Nintendo for the Wii. It is bundled with the Wii Zapper... Available for Nintendo Wii: Link's Crossbow Training /

    INCONNU / Link's Crossbow Training manual Rating: Rating 3
  • Magnetica :.

    In the game, marbles roll down a twisted path toward the goal and the player must stop them by... Available for Nintendo DS: Magnetica /

    INCONNU / Magnetica manual Rating: Rating 3
  • Mario Strikers Charged :.

    Mario sports games are always crazy, but it could be said that the pudgy plumber's first foray into... Available for Nintendo Wii: Mario Strikers Charged /

    INCONNU / Mario Strikers Charged manual Rating: Rating 3
  • Mario VS Donkey kong : March of the minis :.

    Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis is the sequel to the Game Boy Advance game Mario vs.... Available for Nintendo DS: Mario VS Donkey kong : March of the minis /

    INCONNU / Mario VS Donkey kong : March of the minis manual Rating: Rating 3
  • Marvel : Ultimate Alliance :.

    No longer content with covering the localized struggles of Marvel's mutant superheroes as it had in... Available for Nintendo Wii: Marvel : Ultimate Alliance /

    INCONNU / Marvel : Ultimate Alliance manual Rating: Rating 3
  • Mass effect :.

    The game begins with the creation of your Commander Shepard. You're free to go with the model that... Available for Xbox 360: Mass effect /

    INCONNU / Mass effect manual Rating: Rating 3
  • Mass Effect :.

    When Mass Effect was originally released last November on the Xbox 360, it unveiled a vast,... Available for PC: Mass Effect /

    INCONNU / Mass Effect manual Rating: Rating 5
  • Metroid Prime 3 : Corruption :.

    Utilizing the unique powers of the Nintendo Wii system, Retro Studios once again takes us to the... Available for Nintendo Wii: Metroid Prime 3 : Corruption /

    INCONNU / Metroid Prime 3 : Corruption manual Rating: Rating 3
  • Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe :.

    When a cataclysmic force merges conquerors from two universes, conflict is inevitable. Kombat... Available for Xbox 360: Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe /

    INCONNU / Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe manual Rating: Rating 3
  • NASCAR 08 :.

    NASCAR 08's box touts the fact that EA's NASCAR series is the number one selling NASCAR franchise.... Available for Xbox 360: NASCAR 08 /

    INCONNU / NASCAR 08 manual Rating: Rating 3
  • Need for Speed Undercover :.

    In the old pots you make the best recipes, the best soup, best jams, or whatever else. That's what... Available for Xbox 360: Need for Speed Undercover /

    INCONNU / Need for Speed Undercover manual Rating: Rating 3
  • Picross :.

    Gameplay follows traditional Picross rules, where players use logic to mark each square as full or... Available for Nintendo DS: Picross /

    INCONNU / Picross manual Rating: Rating 3
  • Professor Layton and the Curious Village :.

    The game is essentially a collection of puzzles with adventure style exploration between minigames.... Available for Nintendo DS: Professor Layton and the Curious Village /

    INCONNU / Professor Layton and the Curious Village manual Rating: Rating 3
  • Rock band :.

    PlayStation 2 owners were bummed when they had to wait an extra month for the greatness of Rock... Available for Nintendo Wii: Rock band /

    INCONNU / Rock band manual Rating: Rating 3
  • Rock band 2 :.

    Harmonix launched music games into a whole new arena with the release of Rock Band last year. No... Available for Nintendo Wii: Rock band 2 /

    INCONNU / Rock band 2 manual Rating: Rating 3
  • Soul Calibur III :.

    In Soul Calibur III, I am a lowly level 10 Saint-class warrior dressed in a traditional Chinese... Available for Playstation 2: Soul Calibur III /

    INCONNU / Soul Calibur III manual Rating: Rating 3
  • Splinter Cell - Double Agent :.

    It was back in 2002 when we first met Sam Fisher, a jaded but extremely talented secret agent who... Available for PC: Splinter Cell - Double Agent /

    INCONNU / Splinter Cell - Double Agent manual Rating: Rating 3
  • Starfox command :.

    StarFox Command has two types of play within the single player game; a strategic map mode, and a... Available for Nintendo DS: Starfox command /

    INCONNU / Starfox command manual Rating: Rating 3
  • Tenchu : dark secret :.

    Upon its North American release, Dark Secret was met with a negative response from critics. Game... Available for Nintendo DS: Tenchu : dark secret /

    INCONNU / Tenchu : dark secret manual Rating: Rating 3
  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess :.

    When game consoles transitioned from offering primarily 2D games to polygonal 3D games about 10... Available for Nintendo Wii: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess /

    INCONNU / The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess manual Rating: Rating 3
  • World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade :.

    Like any great expansion pack, The Burning Crusade doesn't just offer more of the same, and it... Available for PC: World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade /

    INCONNU / World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade manual Rating: Rating 3
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