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    The Simpsons Game is a very strange animal. On the one hand, it's the sort of rote, generally uninteresting action platformer that dozens of high-profile licenses have cribbed for nefarious game-making purposes over the years. Yet, at the same time, this is a game that knows what it is and takes every opportunity imaginable to riff on that very fact. The game is as much about mocking the various conventions of the game business as a whole as it is about being Simpsons fan service, which makes for a very weird and often hilarious experience; so much so that you almost forget the gameplay itself is still pretty uninteresting. Almost.

    The premise for The Simpsons Game is appropriately meta, given the circumstances. One day, Bart happens upon a manual for a game called The Simpsons Game, which has floated down from out of the sky. He learns that this game gives him and his family members special powers then promptly sets off to cause as much violence as possible. At the same time, a game called Grand Theft Scratchy has just been released in stores and Bart wants a copy, much to Marge's chagrin. She sets off on a crusade to stop video game violence. Then longtime comic foils Kodos and Kang show up to start blowing up the town, rehashing sequences from a variety of Treehouse of Horror episodes. Also, there's a weird and wacky world the Simpsons keep getting trapped in called "the game engine," sort of an alternate dimension where video games are created that's run by a bunch of haggard-looking spoofs of Mario, Sonic, koopa troopas, Ryu, and Madden football players. There's also a bunch of utterly random cameos from notable personalities, both from the Simpsons universe and the game industry itself. This is one bizarre and genuinely incoherent adventure, which is to say it's a lot like an extended episode of the show.

    Source : Gamespot

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