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    NBA Live 06 can be considered, in a lot of ways, the first true next-generation basketball game. The game engine has been rebuilt from scratch, and the game does indeed make a great first impression on high-definition screens, with excellent-looking player models and courts. Unfortunately, that great initial impression fades gradually the more you play. Though NBA Live 06 is still a fun basketball offering that's noticeably slower and more simlike than recent entries in the series, it falls short of its promise. Flaws like poorly blended animations, an erratic frame rate, a horribly flawed free-throw-shooting mechanic, and the lack of a franchise mode combine to keep NBA Live 06 from being the great basketball game it could have been.

    When you first look at NBA Live 06 on an HDTV, it truly does look like a next-generation game. After initially loading Live, you're immediately dumped into a practice court, where you can start shooting around and dunking with an NBA player (the game defaults to cover-athlete Dwyane Wade). Pressing start brings up a menu from which you can jump into a game, create a player, fiddle with rosters, or start season mode. If you choose to play a quick match, the game will load while still letting you shoot around the practice gym. Once the game loads, you're treated to a fantastic broadcast-quality introduction, with the camera spinning around the arena from up high and then right in to player introductions.

    Immediately, you'll notice the high-quality player models. Player faces are spot-on, for the most part, and it's also nice seeing the same amount of care and detail going into the coaches. The skin textures, even if they are a bit shiny, are also the best we've seen in a basketball game, with excellent definition on musculature. The lighting inside the arenas is a bit odd, though. It's most noticeable when you look at a shot of players huddling around their coach, but it almost seems as though the arenas aren't fully lit, as you'll see an excessive amount of shadowing on character models. Sometimes it looks like you're playing an interactive basketball documentary shot through a Hi-8 video camera instead of watching an NBA game broadcast.

    Source : Gamespot

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