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    Neither NBA 2K6 nor NBA Live 06 were quite able to meet people's high expectations when they came out during the Xbox 360's launch last November. Live had sharp graphics and snazzy presentation but not much in the way of substance, while 2K6 was a prettier, slightly enhanced version of what had been released on the Xbox and PlayStation 2 a few months earlier. With Visual Concepts having an entire year in development, hopes were high for NBA 2K7. Perhaps too high. Sure, there are oodles of new animations and gameplay options, but many key issues went untouched. It's still a great choice for anyone who likes a realistic pace to their NBA video games, but it's not the defining basketball simulation that many were hoping for.

    NBA 2K7 features a dizzying number of gameplay modes. Quick play, 24/7, season, the association, tournaments, and a robust online component give the game tremendous replay value. There are also a number of options and sliders that let you tweak the game to your heart's content. Having so many choices to pick from is great, but navigating through all the modes and options is made needlessly difficult due to the new menu system. It's unreasonably complex, and you're forced to bring up menus with the right analog stick. Rarely are you able to simply go back a step; rather, you're forced to go all the way back to each mode's main menu and do things all over again.

    The association is NBA 2K7's multiseason mode, and it's deeper than ever. You're placed in charge of an NBA franchise and it's your job to hire coaches, set up practices, perform general manager duties, and play the games. Watching your team's chemistry as well as fatigue level is very important, since players will tire after hard practices, thereby not giving you their best effort during a game. Should you need to shake things up in the locker room, three player trades are now supported, though to be honest, we spent 30 minutes trying to pull one off without success. You'll also need to prepare for the NBA draft by scouting players and even putting them through a series of predraft workouts. One thing's for sure--there's never a lack of activities to keep you occupied. For such a complex simulation, the association runs smoothly, without any major glitches. Dwayne Wade did win the MVP five seasons in a row, but other than that anomaly, player statistics seemed realistic and players retired at reasonable ages.

    Source : gamespot

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