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    The game begins with the creation of your Commander Shepard. You're free to go with the model that has been used in all of the marketing, or you can make your own; male or female and with a variety of background and visual options. The decisions you make here have a substantial bearing on the game itself. Some people you meet in the game will deliver different dialogue if you're playing as a woman. Which background options you choose for your character will also shape the way people talk to you throughout the course of the game. The most important decision you'll make will be which character class to start with.

    There are three primary character classes in Mass Effect; the solider, the engineer, and the biotic user. Hybrids that mix various aspects of each are also available. The kicker is that they all play vastly different from one another in combat. Based on your class, you'll have access to various powers (the biotics have more than a passing resemblance to the force powers you used in Knights of the Old Republic), technical skills, weapons and armor. The biotic class can use every power, but can only use light armor and pistols. The soldier only gets a single biotic power, but can use any weapon and heavier armor. The engineer, an afterthought class in many other games, steps up in Mass Effect to be a force of its own. He or she can hack locked consoles for info or loot, but can also be a powerhouse in battle. Many of the enemies in Mass Effect are mechanical in design and the engineer has skills geared specifically for taking them down.

    When we say the classes play differently, we mean it. Having played through the game first as an adept (full biotic user) and then as a soldier, we found the combat was a whole new ball game the second time around. Though the game looks like a standard shooter, it's an RPG through and through. Choosing how to equip yourself and your party with weapons and upgrades and when to use your powers is of the utmost importance. Once you do get into the flow, you'll find that the system can be a lot of fun and allows for substantial variety in the way you play.

    Source : IGN

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