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    Madden is to sports games as Ricky Williams is to the sticky icky, you just can't think of one without the other. In fact, the day Madden ships to stores probably costs the American workforce millions of dollars as thousands of people across the country call in sick to play hours upon hours of this phenomenon known as polygonal pigskin. But is it worth the hype? Last year was a resounding no as the rush to hit the 360 launch date cost the game a series of features gamers have been playing for years on their old, out of date Xbox. People were left paying more money for a game and a system that gave them less than what they already had. That's like cutting Peyton Manning then signing Jeff Garcia to a $50 million dollar deal. Not smart business.

    Could EA bounce back? Gamers will be happier than Maurice Clarett at a Grey Goose sale about the turnaround. Madden NFL 07, while not perfect, is still a giant leap forward for 360 football.

    Source : IGN

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