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    With a game like Lost Planet, in which you do nothing but shoot giant insects in a snow-covered wasteland, you'd almost expect publisher Capcom to come up with a tagline like, "The world is covered in ice, but the action is just heating up!" But Lost Planet: Extreme Condition takes itself more seriously than that, despite having a distinct Starship Troopers-on-ice feel to it. The exaggerated, almost campy sci-fi theme works well for this game, though, because while it is a very simple, straightforward shooter, the action moves at a brisk pace, there are always plenty of things to shoot and blow up, and the larger-than-life enemies are incredibly fun to fight. As Lost Planet skillfully proves, you don't need much else to make a great game.

    The game takes place in the distant future, when humans have left Earth in an attempt to colonize other planets. On the frozen planet known as E.D.N. III, the colonization efforts seemed to meet with some success, but eventually the humans ran up against some strong opposition in the form of massive insectlike aliens known as Akrid. In battling the hostile Akrid the humans figured out that the creatures contained within their bodies a thermal energy source that could be gathered and used as a source of heat and energy--two vital components of a comfortable life on a barren, snow-covered wasteland. Instead of fleeing the planet in search of, say, someplace not frozen, the humans decided to stay on E.D.N. III and develop heavily armed mechs known as Vital Suits with which to fight the Akrid and hoard as much of their precious thermal goo as possible. But the humans aren't just fighting the Akrid--they're also fighting each other. Groups of outlaws known as snow pirates roam around in their Vital Suits collecting thermal energy and generally causing trouble.

    You play the game as Wayne, a snow pirate who was discovered buried under the snow and ice. He has little memory of his past, but he does remember that his father was killed by a large Akrid known as Green Eye. So Wayne sets out to hunt the Green Eye and avenge his father's death. The story gets more convoluted and weird from there, as oddball characters are introduced and abruptly go away and nonsensical plot twists get the story all tangled up. There are some lengthy cutscenes between each mission, but they aren't the least bit compelling; you can easily skip every one without missing much.

    Source : Gamespot

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