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    With a generic name that sounds like it was pulled out of a hat full of "World War II" words, it's easy to feel like Midway's Hour of Victory is nothing more than a shameless attempt to trick people who already purchased Call of Duty or Medal of Honor games. But Hour of Victory utterly fails at this attempt. On the disc lies a world where tanks clip through the ground, where the game randomly decides to stop working, and where clubbing someone with the back-end of a rifle is far more effective than actually firing it. Hour of Victory is broken in several spectacular ways; and no one, under any circumstances, should play this game.

    A scattershot story ties the action together, but you embark on multiple campaigns that seem to jump from one part of the war to another, so it's hard to tell exactly when the game is supposed to take place. The advertising for this game invites you to "fight the famous battles of WWII," but you'd be hard-pressed to find one memorable or even historical battle here. At one moment, you're helping a scientist escape from a castle, but in another, you're attempting to prevent German soldiers from overloading a nuclear reactor and turning Berlin into some kind of radioactive disaster zone. The game's impossible to follow.

    You'll take on the role of three different troops, each with their own specialties. Before most levels, you can choose to play as a sniper, a stealth guy, or an upfront fighter, and each has his own unique abilities. The sniper can deploy a grappling hook in a few spots, while the stealth guy can hide in shadows to become mostly invisible and pick locks. The commando can take more hits before he dies, and he can also push a few heavy objects around. Due to the game's many problems, the commando, being the most straightforward character of the bunch, is almost always the best choice because the ability to soak up more damage before going down is more useful than the occasional shortcut or high sniper spot you'll get with the other characters.

    Source : GameSpot

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