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    Recently released for most other gaming platforms, Gun, a Western-themed action adventure from Tony Hawk series-developer Neversoft, is now available for the Xbox 360, complete with a premium price tag and implicit promises of next-generation gaming quality. But all you get is the same decent game you could be playing on a PlayStation 2 right now, except that if you run it on a high-definition TV, all the flaws in its graphical presentation stick out like a sore thumb. The game itself is somewhat more commendable than the quality of the translation. Featuring an open-ended environment that you can traverse on foot or on horseback, plenty of gory shoot-outs, numerous optional side missions, and an interesting story, Gun initially seems like a 19th-century Grand Theft Auto. Gun's main story missions are pretty exciting, but the main plot is over so quickly that the whole thing just ends up feeling rushed, and the various side missions aren't compelling enough to hold your interest after the end credits roll. So it turns out that a terse, simple title like "Gun" is really the perfect fit for what could have been a great game, if only it had more meat on its bones and had been properly tailored to a system with a lot more horsepower.

    If you're already familiar with the other versions of Gun, know that the only real differences are that this port runs on the Xbox 360 instead of other platforms, and it also costs more. Control differences compared with other versions are practically negligible, though the layout of the Xbox 360 controller is slightly better suited to this game than most of the other versions. When you play Gun on an HDTV, low-resolution textures and character models shine through, undermining what was a great-looking presentation on other platforms. Seams in textures, some weird shimmering, clipping, and other little graphical flaws just get magnified. On top of that, when running in true HD resolution, for some strange reason the game comes out looking extremely dark compared with other versions of Gun and other Xbox 360 games (we confirmed this using Xbox 360s, component cables, and HDTVs). Or, if you play it on a standard television, Gun barely looks different from what you could be playing on a PS2 or an Xbox, except that it forces you to play in a letterboxed widescreen mode, for whatever reason. It doesn't really suffer from frame rate drops like the other versions do, but the frame rate still isn't fast and smooth, on the whole. So even though the quality of the visuals may be technically better on the 360 than other platforms--some of the textures are definitely sharper, for instance--the game just doesn't look at all flattering compared to other Xbox 360 titles, and it isn't going to live up to your expectations of what a game for a powerful new console ought to look like.

    Source : gamespot

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