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Dead Space

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    The survival horror genre is rife with games in which you are isolated in a hostile environment full of monsters, and Dead Space is no exception. But from the moment you're thrown into the middle of the fray in the heart-pounding introduction until the bone-chilling conclusion, it's clear that this is something quite unique. With its disturbingly twisted visuals, its deeply engrossing story, and innovative strategic dismemberment combat system, Dead Space is a best-in-its-class game that surpasses other entries in its venerable genre in nearly every way and will be the standard by which they are judged for years to come.

    When the Concordance Extraction Corporation loses radio contact with its Planet Cracker-class mining ship, the USG Ishimura, engineer Isaac Clarke is dispatched on a routine mission to repair its communications array. However, Clarke is also on a mission of his own, having recently received a cryptic message from Nicole Brennan, a medical officer serving aboard the Ishimura. While on board he intends to reunite with her and learn the meaning behind her strange broadcast. Unfortunately, the moment you set foot on the derelict ship, it's obvious that something terrible has happened.

    Source : Gamespot

    Cheats :

    On Pause menu:

    Cheat Effect
    X,Y,Y,X,Y Refill your Stasis and Kinesis energy
    X,X,Y,Y,Y Refill you Oxygen
    Y, X(3), Y. +2 Nodes
    X(3), Y, X. +1,000 credits
    X(3), Y(2). +2,000 credits
    X(3), Y, X, Y. +5,000 credits
    X, Y(3), X(2), Y. +10,000 credits


    [89.61 Ko]

    [114.54 Ko]

    [81 Ko]

    [159.06 Ko]

    [190.84 Ko]

    [60.73 Ko]

    [104.92 Ko]
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