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Blitz: The League
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    Midway's Blitz series of football games has had its ups and downs--often rather extreme ups and downs. But with the debut of Blitz: The League late last year, Midway proved that it still knew how to make a fast, violent, completely over-the-top game of football. By forgoing the NFL license in favor of a fake football league, Midway had free rein to do all the dirty stuff that the NFL won't talk about--namely, juicing players, gambling addictions, off-the-field trysts with cheerleaders, and hilariously horrible injuries. It was a great game of football that didn't take itself the least bit seriously, and now, one year later, Blitz has made its Xbox 360 debut. However, this isn't a sequel to Blitz: The League. It's actually Blitz: The League. Seemingly ported from the Xbox version of the game, this new version of Blitz sports an additional cover athlete in tight-end-punching ex-linebacker and all around psychopath Bill Romanowski, and a few minor graphical upgrades. But beyond that, this is the same game you already played a year ago, and it's not at a discounted price, either.

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