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Full Auto 2: Battlelines

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    Most gamers love to make things explode. They also love blasting through traffic at skin-searing speeds. Naturally, there's good reason to get excited when a game comes along that combines both elements. Just look at the success of Burnout 3. And before that was Mario Kart, a game whose cute aesthetic couldn't hide the underlying appeal of destroying other players. The same thing goes for Full Auto 2, only without the sanitized violence and copious turtle shells.

    The first game in the Full Auto series shipped for the Xbox 360 back in February. It offered a decent mix high-speed racing and devastation, though a few issues kept it from achieving higher marks. It suffered from a few performance issues, for starters, which caused certain hectic races to slow to a crawl. The game also lacked a dedicated battle mode where players could forget about racing and simply tear each other to pieces. But the biggest issue dealt with racing - even with added firepower, Full Auto failed to bring something new to the genre as a whole. So while it definitely entertained as a simple death racer, it could have added a few things to differentiate itself from similar titles.

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