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Soul Calibur III

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    In Soul Calibur III, I am a lowly level 10 Saint-class warrior dressed in a traditional Chinese changbao robe and armed with a magically elongating Monkey King-style quarterstaff. Across from me is my opponent, the 1000 pound, level 60 barbarian, Astaroth, with his 2000 pound "great" sword.

    The omnipresent announcer chimes "Fight" and I lunge at Astaroth with a wide swing. It's deftly blocked. I sidestep and twirl my staff in big circular attacking motions. No success. I step back and launch a powerful missile-like staff attack, but again, I fail to find my mark. Astaroth rushes me a sweeping upward blow that sends me straight into the air. I'm struck several more times in mid flight with only a fraction of my health remaining before hitting the floor. I recover off the ground, but I'm nervous now. I've lost my composure. What do I do next? My mind races through the unending list of moves available, but Astaroth doesn't afford me a split-second to focus. He's right in my face and the horrific finishing blow that I don't see coming follows. This one takes my legs from underneath me and it's over. Astaroth-12, Chi-0.

    source : gamecritics

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