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    In a perfect world, everyone everywhere will pay due homage to the supremacy of maniacal, gun-toting robots. Unfortunately, this world is not perfect. Bionicle Heroes, Traveller's Tales' latest game featuring the Lego license, does not do justice to its premise. In fact, Traveller's Tales seems to have given Bionicle Heroes no thought at all. The game's core mechanics closely mimic, if not straight up replicate, those found in the company's recent Lego Star Wars hits. Less-than-innovative mechanics not withstanding, the mind-numbingly simplistic and repetitive gameplay, as well as a dearth of worthwhile added content, means you'll have experienced everything this game has to offer by the end of the first stage.

    Playing out over the course of several books, comics, and movies, the Bionicle Lego story enjoys an ever-growing library of source material. And if you're familiar with the lore, you'll know that Bionicle Heroes mostly follows the Bionicle Legends story arc. However, if the Bionicle name is new to you, you'll have the stage set by a brief narration at the beginning of the game. And that's about it. Because the only other "voice talent" you'll hear throughout the rest of the game is a few grunts from the menacing yet simple-minded enemy Piraka in cutscenes, you'll be left to infer what exactly is going on. So here's the gist. You arrive on the island of Voya Nui in an elongated tube, where some weird little robot kid hooks you up with these masks that give you elemental powers. From there, you'll need to enter six element-themed zones--forest, ice, fire, and so on--defeat the six evil Piraka, and recover the Mask of Light. There's also some kind of parasitic golden banana peel thrown into the mix, most likely for good measure.

    Source : gamespot

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