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Shrek the Third
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    Released just in time to cash in on the theatrical release of Shrek the Third, Shrek the Third for the PSP is more compelling as a brand marketing bullet point than it is as an actual video game. Unsurprisingly, the PSP version of Shrek the Third is little more than a straight port of the console version, though with fewer multiplayer options and dumbed-down presentation. While there are certainly worse movie-license games out there, Shrek the Third still feels slapdash and thoughtless. Its function to entertain is overwhelmed by its function to make money.

    As is movie-license-game tradition, the story in Shrek the Third provides a broad pantomime of the film on which it is based. More interesting than the actual story--which sees Shrek tracking down an heir to the throne of Far Far Away while Prince Charming makes a coup attempt--is the puppet show format of the story sequences. Aside from these sequences, as well as a musical number masquerading as a boss battle, most attempts at humor in Shrek the Third fall flat. The celebrity soundalike voice cast can't nail it, the timing is stilted, or the material itself just isn't funny.

    Source : Gamespot

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