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Crysis Special Edition

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    As with 2004's Far Cry, Crysis takes place on a picturesque island paradise lush with vegetation and surrounded by gorgeous blue water. The impressive visuals are so far beyond Far Cry's that it's hard to even comprehend what Crytek, given another few years of development time, will be able to come up with. It's not only the technical aspects that are impressive; it's the detail of the models, architecture, and textures. Whether it's the frost on the gun barrels or change in color of the nano-suit for different abilities, the little touches are everywhere. When you're staring up through the snow at the oppressive presence of the alien mothership buried in the mountain, wandering through the maze of rock and metal tunnels underneath its surface, tromping through the dense jungle, or simply looking into the face of one of the awesome character models, it's impossible not to be awed at what Crytek managed to do technically.

    Thankfully, the art team was given the chance to expand their horizons from simple jungles to include the spectacularly disorienting innards of an alien ship and an ice-blasted mountainside. The inside of the ship is especially breathtaking. The greens and greys are spectacularly mixed with bright alien lights and the thin-skinned aliens themselves. The contrast between the rough rock walls covered in crystals and the heavy technology of the aliens is pretty striking as well. The character models which rival even Half-Life 2's are especially remarkable. There's not as much emotion, but the slight cartoony style chosen allows for suspension of disbelief and sidesteps the creepy Beowulf effect. Like HL2, there's a lot of detail in the facial textures and while the lip synching can be a tiny bit off-putting from time to time, these are some truly amazing representations of humans.

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Crysis Special Edition
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