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  • Fallout 3 :.

    Fallout is a franchise whose success with the RPG community has been most impressive. During the... Available for PC: Fallout 3 /

    PC / Fallout 3 manual Rating: Rating 5
  • Mass Effect :.

    When Mass Effect was originally released last November on the Xbox 360, it unveiled a vast,... Available for PC: Mass Effect /

    PC / Mass Effect manual Rating: Rating 5
  • Hellgate London :.

    Set twenty-five years in the future, Hellgate: London introduces a world devastated by a demon... Available for PC: Hellgate London /

    PC / Hellgate London manual Rating: Rating 4
  • Crysis Special Edition :.

    As with 2004's Far Cry, Crysis takes place on a picturesque island paradise lush with vegetation... Available for PC: Crysis Special Edition /

    PC / Crysis Special Edition manual Rating: Rating 4
  • Call of duty 4 :.

    It took awhile, but Infinity Ward finally got the message that World War II is played out. With... Available for PC: Call of duty 4 /

    PC / Call of duty 4 manual Rating: Rating 4
  • Emperor of Fading Suns :.

    Emperor of the Fading Suns does something that is getting increasingly hard to accomplish: It... Available for PC: Emperor of Fading Suns /

    PC / Emperor of Fading Suns manual Rating: Rating 2
  • Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome :.

    Just as the Romans rose up and became the most advanced and powerful nation in the Western... Available for PC: Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome /

    PC /  Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome manual Rating: Rating 4
  • 25 to Life :.

    In 25 to Life, you can play as either a cop or a gangster. Set in the heart of today's cities, the... Available for PC: 25 to Life /

    PC / 25 to Life manual Rating: Rating 3
  • 101: The Airborne Invasion of Normandy :.

    Based on the D-Day landings in Normandy. Assemble a group of guys, dope out weapons, airdrop, lose... Available for PC: 101: The Airborne Invasion of Normandy /

    PC / 101: The Airborne Invasion of Normandy manual Rating: Rating 3
  • 1848 :.

    "1848" is set during the violent era of the Hungarian Independence War of 1848-49. 1848 was a year... Available for PC: 1848 /

    PC / 1848 manual Rating: Rating 3
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