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Brain age 2
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    The format of the game is identical to Brain Age. Using one of four profiles stored on the game, the player can choose one of several activities. "Brain Age Check" will run 3 random tests (although by holding the Select button while choosing Brain Age check, the player can choose the tests themselves) to estimate the player's "brain age"; and individual activities can be used for practice. The brain age will range from 20 to 80, depending on how well the person does in the test. Statistics are kept over the course of daily play to allow the player to track their progress. Any activity can also be used for Quick Play. Additionally, the player can solve 100 Sudoku puzzles, as well as play Virus Buster / Germ Buster, a simplified version of Dr. Mario modified for stylus play, between training sessions. The primary change in the game is in the specific activities, all which are new to this version.

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